August Class: 5th Night, August 18th

Tomorrow night is Test Night and Survival Kit Night!

Before we take the written test we will review and correct your homework assignment (Student Manual pages 103-136).  Some of the questions on the worksheets in this assignment will be on the test, so have the assignment completed and ready to discuss.  The Wildlife Conservation and Management Terms worksheet pages 129-130 are the ones which include test questions.

I will also review any questions you may have about the test before we take it, so come prepared to ask questions if their is a topic you are not understanding.

The written test is 50 questions, mostly multiple choice with some matching and true/false.  If you’ve paid attention in class and done the reading and worksheets in the homework assignments, you will do just fine.  There is no time limit so you can take as much time as you will need to finish.

You will be performing a short skit with your group on how to properly ask for permission to hunt on private land later in the night.  So if you finish the test early, review page 135 in your Student Manual and come up with some ideas for your skit.

Immediately after everyone has finished the test, we will have a short preparation period in your small groups in order to perform your “Asking Permission” skits, and then we will discuss them while talking about hunting opportunities and planning a hunting trip.

After I return your corrected tests and answer any questions you may have about them, we will have a show and tell period for your Survival Kits.  Don’t forget to bring your Survival Kit.

Then we will also work with the interactive Lazer-Ed Hunter Training video which incorporates a simulated firearm that fires a lazer and enables us to discuss responsible, efficient and effective shot timing and placement.

We will talk about what will be expected on Range Day night, and what you will need to be prepared for the most important night of the course!

Don’t forget to bring your firearm as well.  We will spend the last half hour of class time with hands-on practice with your firearms.  We will review and practice the six field carries (sling, shoulder, trail, elbow, cradle, and two-hand ready) and the four standard shooting positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone).  At all times, we will continue to demonstrate muzzle control and practice the proper way to pass and accept a firearm from a hunting or shooting partner.


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